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Career statement: Bridging the gap, from conception to money




1998-2003: Ph.D, Tufts University School of Medicine and Athens University Medical School. Ph.D project: "Stress Induced Inflammation"

1997-1998: Fellowship, Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine-Pediatric Dep: “Interaction of living tissues and inert materials”, a different approach to dental decay and periodontal diseases (polymers and dental enamel). 

1987-1993: DDS, Athens University, School of Dental Medicine, Degree of Dental Surgery. 

1985-1987: Pharmacy, Athens University, School of Pharmacology, topics covered included anti-inflammatory drugs.


Professional Experience

2007-now: Independent  researcher and inventor “Novel approach to cancer therapeutics.” www.lytinas.com

2006-2007: Visiting Researcher, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology:  A different approach to curing osteoarthritis. (work under Dr. Martha Gray)

1996-1997: Research Associate, Center of Maxillofacial Surgery, Dental School of Athens. Topics: anti-inflammatory compounds and implantable materials.

Private Practice, Athens, 185 Kifissias Avenue, P.Psichiko

1994-1996: Lieutenant of the Greek Navy, Athens Naval Hospital, Assistant to the Head of the Research Division. Daily operations included experimentations on mice, regarding the effects of various weapons on Navy Personnel.

1993-1994: Private Practice, Athens, 185 Kifissias Avenue, P.Psichiko 


Patents: 36 issued US patents   

Pat. No -  Title -  Issued      

9,919,000: Altering cancer cellular functions through proton mopping 03/20/2018

9,474,883:  Adaptable wound drainage system 10/25/2016 

9,452,248:  Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ 09/27/2016

9,446,178:  Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ 09/20/2016

9,375,353:  Shear resistant wound dressing for use in vacuum wound therapy 06/28/2016

9,301,781:  Bone regeneration device for bones, and method of use 04/05/2016

9,289,193:  Apparatus and method for cardiac tissue modulation by topical application of vacuum to minimize cell death and damage 03/22/2016

9,211,365:  Reduced pressure treatment system 12/15/2015

9,050,136:  External fixation assembly and method of use 06/09/2015

8,834,520:  Devices and methods for treating spinal cord tissue  09/16/2014

8,829,263:  Self contained wound dressing with micro pump 09/09/2014

8,795,245:  Sleeves, manifolds, systems, and methods for applying reduced pressure to a subcutaneous tissue site 08/05/2014

8,764,794:  Device and method for treating central nervous system pathology 07/01/2014

8,747,887:  Combination SIS and vacuum bandage and method 06/10/2014

8,735,644:  Biocompatible wound dressing 05/27/2014

8,702,711:  Reduced pressure augmentation of micro fracture procedures for cartilage repair 04/22/2014

8,663,132:  Reduced-pressure treatment systems and methods employing a variable cover 03/04/2014

8,628,505:  Reduced pressure treatment system 01/14/2014

8,569,566:  Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ 10/29/2013

8,454,603:  External fixation assembly and method of use 06/04/2013

8,423,148:  Method for treating cartilage defects 04/16/2013

8,377,016:  Apparatus and method for wound treatment employing periodic sub-atmospheric pressure 02/19/2013

8,267,960:  Device and method for treating central nervous system pathology 09/18/2012

8,257,372:  System for providing fluid flow to nerve tissues 09/04/2012

8,246,948:  Stimulation of cartilage formation using reduced pressure treatment 08/21/2012

8,197,806:  Stimulation of cartilage formation using reduced pressure treatment 06/12/2012

8,163,974:  Biocompatible wound dressing 04/24/2012

8,109,932:  Bone regeneration device for bones, and method of use 02/07/2012

8,084,664:  Biocompatible wound dressing 12/27/2011

8,048,046:  Wound therapy system with housing and canister support 11/01/2011

7,931,651:  External fixation assembly and method of use 04/26/2011

7,910,791:  Combination SIS and vacuum bandage and method 03/22/2011

7,763,769:  Biocompatible wound dressing 07/27/2010

7,700,819:  Biocompatible wound dressing 04/20/2010

7,413,504:  Blade sharpening device with blade contour copying device 08/19/2008

7,169,151:  Bone regeneration device for long bones, and method of use 01/30/2007

6,491,693:  Method of promoting osteogenesis by application of a vacuum to affected bone areas, and device for same 12/10/2002


Industry Experience

2005-present:    Industry Consultant to Kinetic Concepts, Inc


Teaching Experience

1996-1997: Clinical Instructor, Athens University, School of Dental Medicine, Department of Biomaterials-Preventive Dentistry.



1999: The New England Medical and Dental Society: Recognition of Outstanding Academic Performance

1995: Hellenic Navy Bronze Cross: Recognition of Working Excellence

1991: Athens University, School of Dental Medicine: Recognition of Innovation Activity



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4: Huang M, Berry J, Kandere K, Lytinas M, Karalis K, Theoharides TC. 

Mast cell deficient W/W(v) mice lack stress-induced increase in serum IL-6 levels, as well as in peripheral CRH and vascular permeability, a model of rheumatoid arthritis. 

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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 May 16;103(20):7759-64. Epub 2006 May 8.


Languages: Greek (native), English (fluent)


Interests: Script Writing, Piano